Friday, February 5, 2016

Wrap-Up friday - Week 5

I almost forgot to write a post....but then a snow day was called and I got up to post this....

So I am still struggling with no crafting mojo and WIP nothing on the crafting front for me...

I haven't been reading either, *sigh*

I did buy
so I may succumb to coloring today...I love folk art!

And well, I guess my work week is wrapped up....I'm still not feeling great, so going to eat something quick, take some medicine and head back to bed...Happy Friday all!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stitch Along Wednesday - Week 5

So, I started something new....needed a palette cleanser, so to speak...and a mindless project, hence my Glenn Shall Live socks...yarn is by Desert Vista Dyeworks, in her If They Kill series...
I'm still looking for a Carol..
I hope to have them finished by the time TWD returns on Feb 14....

Today I came home from work early...I knew when I woke up that I should have called in sick..the coughing and sneezing were fine, but the splitting headache wouldn't go away....and it was hard to concentrate, let alone try to teach something....but many of my students have been out sick, so I knew it was a matter of time...

It's one of the bad things about not having a February break anymore...they used to clean the school during that now the illnesses linger.....and our weather is not helping me...I always get sick when there is a drastic weather change...going from the 20's to the 50's has not helped....and it's going to get cold again...

So what are you up to?  Anything new?  Do you have to palette cleanse also?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Year of Projects - Week 5

This is really just a place holder crafting mojo has deserted me...I am not inspired to work on any of my WIPs...and it seems like so much effort to start something else...*sigh*

I may wind up my "If They Kill Glenn" because it's February and it's red and I can just do a vanilla pattern, because it'll stripe...Also The Walking Dead comes back on Feb 14.....

So that is it for me.....see you all on Wednesday, unless I post before then....
found picture at wikia

Saturday, January 30, 2016

An Epic Tale

My friend, Laura, posted this on her Facebook page and I asked to blog it, as I think it's absolutely hilariously EPIC!

There once was a Viking businessman
 Who was working on his taxes
 In flew a massive bumblebee
 Hmm, thought the businessman, I can deal with this

 And swatted the bee
But it was not enough and the bee hurt him
And started to chase him
For months and months as the beard grew longer, and somehow braided
The bee finally got bored
And left the Viking at a cave, where he met a sweet dragon pet
In rode a princess to save the day!
The Princess battled the bee...
Cackling with glee, as she did the final jab!
The bee looked yummy, so the Viking cooked and ate it..
The bee wasn't a fan of being eaten
The Princess gifts the Viking the mighty sword
And an even mighty steed
Which he used to ride into the sunset

 While posing for Viking Weekly
In many manly poses
Anything for a paycheck, really
And as the bossy princess wanted a "they lived happily every after" picture for her scrapbook
The end...

Told you, epic! Right?  Laura made the crochet/knitted props, and she wrote the story...businessman played by Laura's husband (who is actually on Ravelry, but doesn't knit or crochet) and her two daughters...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wrap-up Friday - Week 4

And another week has gone by....what have you wrapped up this week?

I seem to have lost a few more followers in the past week...oh well....*shrugs shoulders*

Haven't finished anything craft-wise....

Nor, well...I guess I've got amongst yourselves!

as always, please link back..thanks!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stitch Along Wednesday - Week 4

Good evening, as it is Tuesday are you all this week?

I've worked on several things this week.....
My Vanilla mitts
My Espalier socks...finally...
My Zombie Vixens

I know they are crap photos, but it's what I other news...we did get about 5 inches of snow, no big deal....tomorrow is the end of the marking grades are due.....been busting my butt correcting things....

Not much else going always please link back...and have a great week....

Monday, January 25, 2016

Seeing Red and a Gut Reaction

I know many of you have seen a version of this sign
Which is cute and all, but I still have a reaction to the fact that I'd need my husband's permission.

My husband and I are partners, and while our financial situation has changed over the years....we have always been partners....and, at the moment, I'm the only one working....but he cooks, cleans, does the laundry, grocery shops, and takes care of his elderly parents and occasionally works in seasonal it's still a partnership.

But yesterday, this sign popped up on a picture on Facebook (it was posted in a yarn shop) and I kind of saw red......I typed out a reply and then edited it...
Why is it all of HIS money.....and even if the woman was a stay at home, they are partners...maybe she (or in my case, he) does not bring the actual money into the relationship, but the work they do is worth something.....AND, I had a strong reaction to the assumption that a woman is not earning her own money! Really? In 2016!

But then again with some of the political climate in this country, I don't know why I am so surprised and disgusted by the whole thing....