Sunday, May 17, 2015

Year of Projects - Week 20

Well I finished two projects Dark Side of the Moon socks and my Hawk Baktus....however my Baktus, I ran short on yarn...yeah, I know the pattern is written so you shouldn't run out of yarn...oh'll still I'm happy with it...not sure if I'll block it yet...

2015 Completed Projects:
White mittens - 1/10/15
Quick Crochet Cowl - 1/12/15

Stripes Cowl - 1/22/15
Frosty, the Snowman - 1/24/15
Head Wrap - 1/24/15
H's Everyday Socks 2/7/2015
Stepping Stones 2/17/15
Ita's Shawl 2/18/15
Speckled Eggs 4/11/15
Stitch's Rock Collection Hat 4/16/15

Hawk Baktus  (5/17/15)
Far Side of the Moon (5/17/15)

Again, I haven't added anuthing new...I am trying to tame those WIPs at the moment...I have two other socks that I need to start the second sock...and plenty of shawls I'd like to complete...Still haven't frogged Garter Path yet...I will, as I have no idea where in the pattern I am...and I am up to 8 inches on my Owligan...
WIPS: Crochet:
Mission Falls Poncho: (Started 2006)
Round Ripple: (Started 2006 (?) Aiden)
Around the World Afghan: (April 2010): about ¼ done
Betty Shrug: I don’t know how long I’ve been working on this, but it only has an arm and a border to go.
Sunrise Sunset Afghan: this has been hibernating awhile, 6 squares done.
Tis the Season (11/10/13)
Tabard Tunic (NW Diss 2/1/14)

Learn to Knit Afghan: (started 2010): 3 squares done
Light in Shadows (1/14/14)
Garter Path (6/1/14) 
Turtleneck Capelet #2 (8/12/14)
Willow Fields (9/6/14)  
Shark in the Woods (11/27/14)
Olivia Owl (12/14/14)
Bedrock (2/23/15)
Owligan (5/3/15)

Kai-Mei: (April 2012)
Faces in Wallpaper (Sept 2013)
Adele Socks (April 2013)
Johnny's Socks (Jan 2013)
Irish Tea (Feb 2015)
Those Socks (2/27/15)   

Splashy Flowers: (May 2011)
Larry Stashbuster Scarf (2012)
Beach Bag: (started May 2010)  Just needs lining sewn in

Fire and Blood (5/4/14)
Outlander MKAL (8/8/14) 
Zuzu's Petals (1/1/15)
Downton Abbey (1/4/15)
Misc: Sunflower: (August 2012) Need a back and to felt  

Projects in Mind - I have the pattern and the yarn  - this list is remaining about the same...I could add a ton to it...but I'm not going to at the moment...I think when I move one of these projects to the WIP category, I will add another project to this list...I like seeing it all laid out..and it is not overwhelming to me..because it's my list and I can follow it or not!

Owl for Rose
Hats for friend's babies (ongoing)
Hats for students (ongoing)
Kimberly Skye's tunic
garter for Caitlin
Two Elsa doll/blanket things

Test Pattern Sweater
Car Coat
Cowl Vest
West End Scarf 
Gathering Leaves
Petal Edge Scarf
Filippi Scarf 
Firefly Scarf 
Danube Cowl
Simple City
Fire and Ice
Holden Shawlette
Trellis Shawl
Bedford Springs Shawl   
Hats and Mitts
Hermione Hearts Ron
Nehalm Hat
Cabled Headband
Cayunga Hat and Mitts set
Ruffled hat and mitts
Evergreen Gloves
Sheepy Cuffs
Twisted Rib Mitts and Hat
Memento Mori
Siren Socks
Savory Lace Socks
Autumn Flame
Rescue Me, Chin Boy and Show Me the Stars
Twin peaks
Sarape Shopper
Pleated Purse
Circular Felted Bag

Knit and Crochet Blog Week - Day 7

Day Seven (Sunday 17th May): Your Time, Your Place.
Where and how do you take time out to knit and/or crochet? Maybe you don’t take time out at all and instead have your needles twirling as you try to juggle a multitude of other tasks with no ‘spare’ time to think of. Maybe you enjoy nothing more than to crochet whilst  winding down from a yoga session, chatting with some friends in a nearby cafe.

Wow, the last day...this week really flew by!  And this year I did all seven days....yeah me!!!!

So where do I craft?  I have tried to bring projects with me, but since I drive most of the's just not feasible....and I can't bring projects to work...well I could...but if I don't want to bring work home with me, I'd rather spend my plan time, planning or correcting...and not working on a project....

Most weekdays, I don't tend to craft...but the weekends, I'm all over it...I usually spend one day on the weekend crafting the majority of the time...

and where do I craft?  On my bed....
with my tablet close by...on the other side of the bed is the bookcase with all of my current projects..and the Namaste bag that holds my needles and other things...I have a tv...and I'm all set...

I like to be able to spread out....but I do occasionally go to my local Knit Night...and many times I'll join a WIDN on instagram...and there is actually a Knit Night on Instagram on Thursdays....

So that is the where I do it and mostly the when too.....I've enjoyed this week...I have found some new's always a great week to make new friends....

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Knit and Crochet Blog Week - Day 6

Day Six (Saturday 16th May): Polls Apart.
Almost every blogging platform offers a way to easily put together and host a poll, and polls, surveys and questionnaires can be a great way of engaging with your audience and readership. There are times when readers do not feel that they want or have time to think, compose and post an answer or response to a post, but short polls can often be completed with just a few clicks.

 So I think I made a poll-------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>

Over there in the sidebar.....I really couldn't think of a question to I just asked one I was interested in....

So if you answer the poll, can you comment on your favorite yarn to use....because I love discovering new yarns....and also...would you enjoy a feature on some indie dyers?

I am off today to take in some yarn fumes at WEBS tent sale...but there are plenty of other things going on...there is the RI Sheep and Wool , Waynesburg, PA Sheep and Fiber Festival, Long Island Sheep and Wool and that's only here on the Northeast section....there might be some other things going on....

Friday, May 15, 2015

Knit and Crochet Blog Week - Day 5

Day Five (Friday 15th May): Something A Bit Different
It’s the annual challenge to blog in a way different to how you normally blog. You may choose to create a podcast, or vlog, create a wordless post, a beautiful infographic or write in verse. You can post on any topic you like, but be sure to post in a style different from your usual blog presentation. There’s not too much guidance for this one simply because the more varied the posts are on this day, the wider the sources of information for other bloggers will be.

So this one is always a challenge for me.....this year I am doing a video the next few years, the Hubs and I will be moving out to his parent's place...I call it the Homestead....and we have talked about possibly raising alpacas when we do....he raised goats back in high I am taking you on a tour of the Homestead...and where our possible future fiber adventures will begin......

The driveway leading to the house....


If you watched them all...thank you..there were a few more....and it wouldn't let me load the biggest one...I also didn't take video of the area that the alpacas will be in...the Hubs showed it to me's along the driveway.....there is a large open area that would be fenced in....right now it's the future...and we don't know how long into the's a pleasant dream...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Knit and Crochet Blog Week - Day 4

Day Four (Thursday 14th May): Bags Of Fun.
Time to delve into that most treasured collection of tools, notions and oddments as you are asked to spill the contents of your knitting or crochet bag, caddy or other method of organisation and put your crafting unmentionables on display.

I have so many bags!!!  I recently posted this picture...
which has many of my project bags in it...and yes they all have ongoing projects...

The bag I have been using most recently is this one...
It was made for me by a swap partner and it represents the Wizard of's all kinds of wonderful...

and what does it hold right now?
4 ongoing projects...1 skein of yarn for a possible project...a pattern that was picked up recently..a new needle...the green thing on the bottom holds crochet hooks....the green thing on the left top holds stitch markers....and then the little black bag....this black bag goes everywhere with me...
I bought it many years ago at a Joanne's Fabric's my doo-dad bag...I was going to put one in all of my "on the go" bags....but I just tend to grab this one and throw it in whatever bag I am using...the tin holds yarn needles...the green thing is a row or stitch and a pen...2 different kinds of stitch markers...very sharp little yarn needles (in the black thing with a blue top), a measuring tape and a very sharp pair of scissors....oh and you can barely see's a clear heart to the right of the measuring tape is a needle sizer thingamajig....

That's my about yours?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stitch Along Week 19 and KCBW6Day3

Day Three (Wednesday 13th May): Experimental Photography And Image Handling For Bloggers.
Every Year Knitting & Crochet Blog Week tries to feature at least one day where photography takes a key role, because it has been proven many times that what captures reader’s attention for the first few seconds to hopefully hold them long enough to invest the time to read your words is your pictures, and so this topic crops up each year, but every year it yields such different results!

and it is....
I thought of doing two separate posts....but decided I could combine today's topic with my SAW project...

So I have been trying to take better pictures...however I ran over my better camera with my car (it was an accident), so I'm back to my quick point and shoot...(my "better" one is also mostly a point and shoot, but better quality..I can't be hassled with lens changes, etc..)

And I thought this was the experimental by the time I got home...there was not much time to take pictures...but we have been buying lots of flowers to plant this I decided to go outside and use those...
This was my first shot.....

A more artistic shot???  The sun was fading by I called it a day....

My Far Side of the Moon socks are almost done..I'm on the foot of the second time for wool socks to be put away....sigh......

So if you are here for 6KCBWDay3....feel free to hook up with Stitch Along too...and come back if you want next Wednesday....

As always, please try to link back or post a link on your blog...thanks!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Knit and Crochet Blog Week - Day 2

Day Two (Tuesday 12th May): It’s All About You.
Cast your hooks and needles aside!

This year you are challenged with one of those tasks that some bloggers can find quite daunting: but there’s never a better time then when we’re all in it together, so let’s shift the focus and turn the attention from the things we make to the things that make us.
The important thing here is to remember that you don’t have to go into great personal detail and certainly do not have to reveal anything too personal. You can be as candid or as private as you like, but you can also give your readers a feel for those things that you like to do outside of your crafting.
  • Do you like to walk or keep fit
  • Do you read or enjoy movies – are there any personal favourite books or films that you would recommend?
  • What is your dream holiday destination, job, dinner party guest list?
This post can be about your reality, your aspirations, past, present or future. Enjoy talking about you. If you really don’t want to write about yourself, though, use your creative license and invent yourself an alternative persona, whether you are a spy, deep-sea diver or astronaut (who just happens to love yarn).

I have an ABOUT ME page that tells you quite a bit...I am a pretty open person...

But in the spirit of this week...I will share a biographical poem....I've written several versions of this poem...but they are in a notebook in my this is the version I had on my computer...I did this as a writing activity and it stems from here

I Am From

I am from the many places I’ve lived, from my grandparent’s basement apartment to Army housing in Germany.

I am from a blended, chaotic home of stepsisters coming and going and a sports obsessed younger brother.

I am from Jessie’s, Scovilles’s,  LaChappelle’s, and Martin’s.

I am from strong French Canadians and a mixed lineage that makes me a true “American Mutt.”

I am from great-grandma’s lollipop box, Meme’s rocking chair, “don’t jump on the well!” and Pepe’s old station wagon.

I am from crochet lessons, loud family gatherings, beautiful smiles and short statures…

I am the family repository of lineage.  I keep the births and deaths.  I’ve trooped through cemeteries, squinted at microfiche and thumbed through hundreds of record books.

I am strong and resilient.

I am who I am from all that I came from and those who came before me.