Friday, February 7, 2014

FO Friday

It's Friday! Friday! Friday!  Whoop!  Opening Ceremonies tonight, my favorite is the Parade of Nations...

I have one thing to show this week.  I knit a test cowl for someone in the MadColor group on Ravelry.

It's called It's Just a Flesh Wound...It has not been published, but I have permission to show pictures.
It was a pretty easy pattern to understand, but somehow I ended up twisting the there is a twist in I missed some yarnovers....but it was fun and easy and I'd make it again..probably without all the mistakes..

I used a heavier yarn - DK weight and the yarn called for fingering, so I just went up a needle size...

The color is Land of Oz, which is the yarn I used for my Spring Sweater....

It has little shots of blue in it....I really love this color.....

Joining in Wisdom Begins in Wonder, Tami, no Suburbia link yet...


  1. Very nice :-) I've never knit a cowl before, but I tend to twist my crochet cowls when I make them.

  2. It's lovely! There are many patterns out there that call for a twist on purpose, so my first reaction was: is that a mistake or deliberately? I agree those little shots of blue are amazing!

  3. Really love the colour, so full of life!

  4. I thought the opening ceremonies were pretty cool. I love any portion that has ballet. I totally didn't even look at blogger last night because of the ceremonies.

    I like that cowl. I would totally try knitting it again, it looks like a lot of fun. Love that green too!