Monday, August 11, 2014

LYS: Handknit Yarn Studio

Of course, when I travel..I always look up local yarn stores.  I had heard about several in Toronto...but I also found out about this gem in Hamilton, Ontario...

Handknit Yarn Studio is a small space, packed with lots of fantastic goodies!  I had the hardest time picking things out...I also went into this with the intent of only buying one skein at each store ( can stop laughing now!)

I finally came away with only three...because I restrained myself!
2 Indigodragonfly and 1 JulieAsselin....

I had a lovely conversation with one of the owners, Kate. She was restocking and reorganizing shelves of beautiful yarn up in the loft. She told me about her Rhinebeck sweater...I said I'd keep an eye out for her....

You can't see her in this picture, as she was behind that front shelving unit, stocking the lower shelves up in the loft...but that is Holly of English Girl Canadian Man

So, although a smaller is packed with goodness...and just lovely if you are near Hamilton, Ontario...stop in..they'd love to meet you...


  1. What lovely, colourful pictures! This store also has a tonne of classes, including spinning classes! It is relatively new and is such an asset to the art district (in my opinion). I was pleased I had someone to go in with...I am still knitting with the lace yarn I bought on that day!

  2. oh I so understand. I do the SAME exact thing!

  3. What a great idea...a collection of the ones you have visited. I started here, of course, because I saw Ontario right off the hop (and had to think very hard what LYS stood for until I saw the pictures, hahaha).